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Staff Highlight: Meet Mabel!

We're so excited to welcome Mabel Diaz to the NutriFund team. Mabel began working with us in August as a public health promoter for our prenatal program. She grew up in and is an active member of the Anicillo community which forms part of the indigenous Tolupan people. Their remoteness makes access to education particularly difficult and most children do not study beyond sixth grade. Mabel was fortunate to attend and graduate from the Honduran Institute of Radio Education (IHER) secondary school which offers remote education for students like Mabel. After excelling at IHER, Mabel was one of few students to continue her studies. She is now finishing up a nursing degree in Yoro.

As the only person in her community studying nursing, Mabel has become the first stop for most healthcare questions or needs. Additionally, she has been a Sunday school teacher for the last several years and loves to spend time with and get to know the children she teaches. Her background and the relationships she has have given us the opportunity to expand our programming to the Anicillo community.

Mabel is excited to support her own community,

“I wanted to study nursing because I enjoy helping people. Being able to do so at home in my own community, where that support doesn’t exist, is an exciting opportunity.”

Her dedication to learning and to serving are invaluable additions to our team. Welcome, Mabel!


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