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Our Story

NutriFund’s mission is to contribute to the recovery and prevention of malnourished children in Honduras. The need for meaningful work combating malnutrition cannot be understated: there are more than 200 million malnourished children worldwide. In the rural region of Honduras in which we operate, with a population of about 35,000 children aged 0-5, we believe more than 12,000 are severely malnourished. In 2018, we began our work alongside a local nutrition center in Yoro, Honduras, and have since expanded throughout the area. By working hand in hand with the communities we serve, we are able to develop sustainable, long-term strategies to measurably drive down malnutrition where we operate.


Our work is not confined to eradicating childhood malnutrition, but begins there. We are committed to the long term economic development of low-income regions. Systematic problems hold communities back, preventing members of those communities to live healthy, productive lives. Our work has begun with addressing childhood malnutrition because unhealthy children have trouble recovering and living up to their potentials and meeting their ambitions. We have already begun and continue to make improvements in Yoro, Honduras. We are certainly not the first health program in the region, but we are determined to have a great impact through innovative programs and research. Together, with local communities, we are improving nutrition and creating hope for a better tomorrow. Join our global community and create a better future for everyone.

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