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**This program is no longer active. We were proud to provide emergency humanitarian support to the Yoro community shortly after our inception, but since then we have refocused our efforts on longer term solutions.**

For two years, Nutrifund has focused on sustainable initiatives to combat childhood malnutrition in Yoro, Honduras. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Honduras, like so many low-income countries around the world, now faces massive-scale hunger and malnutrition due to a sudden halt of the economy.

Here in Yoro, over half of the workforce consists of domestic employees and day laborers working in an informal economy. For them, there is no access to unemployment pay nor any sort of SNAP program. As a result, we estimate that more than three thousand families in Yoro are now food insecure.

With our partners at the San Yves nutrition center and the Catholic church, we are identifying those most in need to ensure our assistance gets to them. Because of the longevity of the crisis we face, we must think beyond immediate food assistance in order to have a long-term, sustainable impact, both alleviating hunger and keeping people healthy.

Our response to the crisis consists of the following:


Emergency Rations

Simply put, many families in Yoro do not know where their next meal is coming from and face starvation. The rations we provide will put food on the table for many, which could have life-changing effects.


Home Gardens

To provide access to long-term, sustainable vitamins and nutrients, we will implement a home gardening initiative with the help of your donations. By providing seeds, fertilizer, and gardening education, we hope this low-cost program will have a great impact, allowing many in need supplement their diet and sustain healthy lifestyles.


Water Filters

The COVID-19 pandemic has put even more strain on an already over-burdened health care system. In communities like Yoro, lack of health care leads to weaker-than-normal immune systems, putting an already vulnerable at higher risk of contracting not only the COVID-19 virus, but also other infections and diseases. By providing clean water, we can decrease the risk of infection or disease, keeping people healthier and alleviating some stress on the healthcare system.



$10 Donation ​​

Feed a family of 5 for 5 days

$35 Donation

Provide 2 years of clean water for a family



On the effects of COVID-19 and the importance of immediate assistance

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