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Our Team


Patrick Mulligan

Founder and Executive Director

Patrick's collaboration with communities in Honduras began in 2016 as a volunteer at San Yves. Seeing the opportunity to have a greater impact on so many children in need, he founded NutriFund International. He holds a BA from Lindenwood University.

Mary Sullivan.png

Mary Sullivan

Nutritional Advisor

Mary offers off-site guidance for the nutrition component of the program encompassing infant and early childhood nutrition for participants at the nutrition center. She has a BS in Foods, Nutrition, and Dietetics from University of California at Berkeley and a MS in Health Sciences from San Francisco State University. She has decades of experience as a Registered Dietitian (RD) working in both healthcare and education.


Andrew Robinson

Board Member

Andrew Robinson provides technical support and guidance as a CPA. Andrew currently works with Ernst & Young and holds a BA in Accounting and Sociology from the University of Notre Dame.


Justin Jellinek

Board Member

Justin Jellinek coordinates our financial well-being. Justin is currently a business analyst at Anheuser-Busch and holds a BA in Finance from the University of Notre Dame.


Andrea Fiallos

Board Member

Andrea grew up in Honduras and brings a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise on the sociopolitical situation of the country. Andrea holds an MA in International Economics from the Berlin School of Economics and Law and a BS from Lindenwood University.


Shane Mulligan

Board Member

Shane brings nearly a decade of international development and experience working in Latin America  and holds a Master's of Global Human Development from Georgetown University and a BA in Latin American Studies from Fordham University. He provides expertise as we design our interventions.


Colleen Bettger


Colleen Bettger brings extensive experience providing guidance and strategy for family services. Colleen holds a Master's of Social Work from St. Louis University and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Central Missouri.


Charley Merriott


Charley Merriott, a former Spanish language teacher, brings over 25 years of experience collaborating in and with the local community in Yoro, Honduras, as well as extensive knowledge of childhood nutrition.

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