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Angela's Story

When Angela was just 2 years old, she lost her mother to cancer. Honduran families, particularly those who live in poverty, often have very clearly defined gender roles within the home. The father is responsible for working and providing an income and the mother is responsible for childcare and work around the home. When Angela lost her mother, her father had no idea where to begin. What foods should or shouldn't she eat? How does she play? What does she wear? How could he keep working and caring for her at the same time?

Angela was five years old when she arrived at the nutrition center, but had the weight of a two and a half year old. Her hair had lost its pigmentation and her stomach was severely bloated and she was angry all the time. She had not been well cared for since she was two. Pictured here, the results of her time spent at the center are evident. And fortunately, her father was able to remarry. A new mother ensure her well-being is the best thing that could happen to her. Since leaving three months ago, we know she is doing well. And she called last week excited to announce she was helping pluck a chicken for dinner.


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