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In January 2024, with support from the Conservation, Food and Health Foundation, we launched our breastfeeding program to build upon our prenatal work and continue to seek low-cost, high-impact ways to combat childhood malnutrition. 

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Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life is vital to ensuring the health of a baby. We've found, however, that just 22% of women exclusively breastfeed for the first six months of life. Instead, breastfeeding is often supplemented with the introduction of other foods and unfiltered water, leaving babies highly susceptible to illness and malnutrition. In Yoro, this practice can be attributed to a lack of public health and education for mothers. 

Empowering Women

Each month, we conduct meetings across ten different communities intended for women who are pregnant or nursing. These gatherings, facilitated by members of our staff, are intended to be spaces for women to openly discuss their experiences and challenges with breastfeeding. Information regarding breastfeeding, including hygiene, dieting, and the dos and dont's of supplemental feeding for their babies, are also discussed. 


Building Local Capacity

In order to build a sustainable capacity within the public health system, we hold regular meetings with nurses from both the hospital and rural health clinics. These sessions are intended to educate those in attendance on the basics of breastfeeding and newborn care. In addition, these meetings host roundtable discussions that focus on the challenges nurses face upon spreading this information into the communities.

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