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An American in Honduras: Ep 2

In January of 2009, Tom Markowski visited the nutrition center to volunteer for a month. 12 years later, he's excited to be involved again.

Something I have found that comes up in just about every contemplative author, stoic reflection, or self-help guru Instagram video is the concept of being present in the moment. These guides instruct us to temporarily push aside worries of the past and tomorrow's tasks so we can focus on the here and now. There's value in being present in a world that allows us to easily escape into our phones or TV shows. As I reflect on my time in Honduras I realize one of the reasons the trip impacted me was the lack of distractions. That absence forced me to be in the moment and see what was in front of me.

One memory that remains vivid from my trip is a day I walked kids from the center down the dirt road a half mile away to a playground. In that moment I felt there was nothing but me, my travel companions, the kids, and a pure joy that only playing on a see-saw can bring. The happiness was tangible; we communicated with ease across our language barrier with no regard of where we had been or where we would go.

Being present allowed me to build relationships which forever affected my perspective on life and decisions I make today. Being present is difficult in the midst of problems like severe malnutrition, devastating hurricanes, and chronic illness. Reconnecting with the center through NutriFund has allowed me to recall the importance of presence and the joy that can bring.

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