Why Malnutrition

Malnutrition affects more than 200 million children worldwide. In the short term, slowed growth and increased susceptibility to infection and disease lead to high rates of infant mortality. Those who survive to adulthood often face decreased cognitive ability and increased chronic disease.


Better Education

Adults who grew up malnourished often face decreased cognitive ability, which severely impacts their ability to perform in school and limits their vertical mobility. Without the opportunity to grow, their children often suffer the same fate. By focusing on childhood malnutrition, we hope to break this cycle by allowing children to develop physically and mentally to the best of their ability.

A better educated population brings higher-skilled jobs to communities and leads to a healthier economy.

Healthier Lives

Adults who grew up malnourished often face increased chronic disease, which means more time away from work and high costs of healthcare. Children who grow up healthy are healthier as adults, giving them more freedom to save and reinvest in themselves. 

Preventive healthcare pays dividends in the future.

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