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An Egg a Day

The San Yves nutrition center relies on eggs as a staple food. Leonardo, the nutrition center's egg supplier, lost his entire farm during the hurricanes in November. At that point it became unclear how the nutrition center would manage. Eggs are nutrient and protein rich as well as low cost. This makes them perfect for kids at the nutrition center because egg consumption can easily be continued back at home with their families.

Eggs are cheap, but feeding 18 children with them every day starts to add up. The nutrition center decided to build a hen house, guaranteeing eggs for the children for the next two years. Additionally, some eggs are sold and the income is used to purchase part of the feed necessary for the hens.

This same model can serve as an example for many of the families with kids in the center. The children are able to learn about the importance of caring for animals while the parents can see a very low-cost, highly sustainable source of food.


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