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In 2018, there are more than 200 million malnourished children worldwide. Their quick recovery is vital to their long term health and development. Whether through intensive in-patient care for extreme cases or strategic outpatient care for those who can recover in their home, we are constantly looking to assist programs focused on improving their immediate health.
Our current work in Honduras with San Yves does just that. Their intensive in-patient facility helps malnourished children recover quickly and works with parents to ensure their long term health. We are simultaneously working on a sustainable outpatient plan with them, allowing them to reach more children in need.



Helping a child recover from malnutrition is not a long-term solution. Rather, we have to look at the root causes of malnutrition and identify ways to solve them. Often times, lack of education, resources, or a combination of the two is the culprit.
The best solution? We don't know. Targeted programs to improve education or resources can produce great results, unfortunately, work in prevention does not have a one size fits all answer to it. Different cultures or geographic regions may require very different programs.
In 2019, we intend to begin searching for those solutions in Yoro, Honduras. Using data readily available to us through our friends at San Yves, we will identify a handful of communities in the region with high rates of malnutrition to target with an educational program in basic nutrition and hygiene.

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